Growth & Development

As our patients grow, we grow with them. We track your child’s oral development, keeping an eye on problem areas like shifting, discolorations, and alignment. When you continue to bring your child in for regular dental visits, we can create a good map of your child’s oral health.

Together, we can take care of your child’s teeth and prevent future problems from occurring. We may talk to you about the following:

  • Nutrition. Kids need calcium for strong bones and teeth. Serve foods that are rich in calcium, such as dairy products or dark leafy greens.
  • Fluoride. A fluoride rinse or supplement can provide added strength for your child’s teeth.
  • Hygiene. Your child should brush at least twice a day and floss at least once. Flossing extra times during the day may also help when eating foods that can easily get stuck between the teeth.
  • Abnormalities. If we find an odd discoloration, mouth lesions, or bony protuberance, we’ll want to make sure your child doesn’t have a more serious problem. The sooner we can diagnose an issue, the faster we can treat it.
  • Alignment Issues. While most children who need braces wait until 12 years of age or later to get started, some children may need braces sooner. A jaw misalignment could cause a number of problems, such as constant headaches.
  • Overall Health. Some dental issues, like gum disease, can point to other health problems as well. Diabetes and heart disease often accompany moderate to severe gum disease, and treating a health problem can sometimes help treat the oral health problem.

Focusing on Prevention

Our dental team focuses on prevention, which means we work hard to stop problems before they start. Once a child enters our office, continual routine visits can help us maintain excellent oral health for your child. For more information on prevention, visit our preventative dentistry page.

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