About Us

The Smiles 4 Life team is passionate about dentistry and loves kids. We ensure that every patient feels safe, comfortable, and welcome. In addition to being kid lovers, every staff member is also highly educated, skilled, and experienced in their field. This includes everyone from the dentists to the front office staff who are administrative geniuses. Dental assistants bring the best talents to the table—and our patients reap the benefits.

Our Philosophy

Who says that going to the dentist has to be a painful or stressful experience? With the right dental sedation, techniques and an expert touch, everything from cleanings to restorations might actually be enjoyable. Families are warmly welcomed the moment they arrive.

However, when little ones get into the chair, that’s when we mix quality care with speedy procedures. Our staff is dedicated to providing a totally comfortable, painless experience during each and every visit. Plus, we specialize in explaining procedures and letting your kids get the inside scoop on why dentistry is actually pretty cool.

With X-rays, the magic of fluoride (in every possible flavor), and an explanation of just what kind of gross buildup can happen with improper brushing techniques, little ones learn a thing or two about oral hygiene in between checking out their X-rays and picking out their fluoride flavor.