Your child’s dental visits set the stage for a lifetime of great oral health. At Smiles 4 Life in Tulsa, an expert dental team is committed to ensuring your child has a positive experience at each appointment and providing them with the tools to continue fantastic oral hygiene as adults.

Specializing in children’s dentistry is no easy task, and requires a crew of professionals who have the right training, experience, passion and personality to work with the littlest of patients. Children in particular may be prone to dental fear, may struggle with managing behavioral or developmental disorders and all too often don’t know what to expect. That’s why Smiles 4 Life guarantees appointments that are fun, informative and fast.

What to Expect

What happens at your children’s dental appointments will depend on their ages and the health of their teeth. However, generally a children’s dental visit is much less invasive than an adult’s. Deep cleanings are rarely done, and the cleanings that do occur are pain-free, relatively fast, and end with a polish and delicious fluoride treatment, if the parents opt for this extra protection. Children are free to pick out the fluoride flavor of their choice, and the appointment ends with free goodies and a cheery send-off.

One of the most important aspects of a child’s dental visit is education and at-home dental training. Few people (let alone kids!) brush and floss their best at home. Your Smiles 4 Life hygienist teaches your child at each appointment the best brushing and flossing techniques. This not only extends the benefits of in-office cleanings, but sets up your child for a lifetime of superior dental hygiene.

Your Get-Out-of-School-Free Card

Smiles 4 Life brings back the days when kids couldn’t wait for their dental appointments because that meant skipping school, choosing tasty fluoride flavors, getting stickers and free toothbrushes, and maybe even a treat after the appointment. As a parent, you want your child’s dental visit to be comfortable and educational.

Tulsa’s leading children’s dental office promises a lifetime of enjoyable appointments with top-of-the-line professionals. Whether it’s your child’s very first appointment or they’re a seasoned vet, are you getting everything you want from your appointments? Call Smiles 4 Life in Tulsa, Oklahoma, today to schedule your children’s dental visit and see what happens when fun meets convenience.