Fluoride Treatments

The city of Tulsa adds fluoride to its water, but many Tulsa residents depend on well water that isn’t fluoridated. In Oklahoma, only 70 percent of all homes have fluoridated water, and that percentage has been slowly creeping downward for the past 10 years. Oklahoma doesn’t mandate fluoridation, so your local government could discontinue the process at any time. Fluoride is your tooth’s best defense against decay, making teeth resistant to acid from plaque and sugars. It’s a natural mineral that can be found in many foods, but most Americans don’t get enough fluoride to protect their teeth.

Fluoride is most beneficial for children up to the age of 16, since their permanent teeth are still developing and are more porous than adult teeth. However, patients of all ages can benefit to some degree from fluoride treatments. Even if your drinking water is fluoridated, in-office treatments can help. As your teeth lose enamel every day thanks to demineralization, there’s only one way to redeposit protective minerals to the tooth: with fluoride.

Ultimately, if enough enamel wears away, your teeth become vulnerable to decay, but fluoride can not only protect teeth, it can even reverse tooth decay.

Protecting Your Pearly Whites

Options for fluoridation include gel, varnish and foam. All these of these are by far the more powerful delivery compared to at-home options, and you can choose from a selection of flavors. To add more fluoride to your home routine, try mouth rinses and toothpastes. Your dentist can tell you the best products for your unique situation and oral hygiene regimen.

While there’s some controversy over fluoride in water, that isn’t relevant to in-office fluoride treatments. These treatments aren’t swallowed or otherwise consumed like drinking water. The fluoride is only left on the teeth for a few seconds before being expertly washed away. Children who get treatments get the benefit of fluoride becoming part of their new, adult teeth, which means added strength and acid resistance for their entire life.

Fighting Back

It’s best to start in-office fluoride treatments young, but there’s no such thing as too old. Every little bit you can do for your teeth helps. Today’s American diet is rich with acids, from that daily coffee habit to healthy snack foods like berries. Fight back against acid attacks in the most delicious way possible. Ask your dentist about fluoride treatments during your next visit. It’s a dessert-like way to cap off an appointment and only takes a few seconds.

Ready to give your teeth the edge they need to fight back against your favorite foods? Call Smiles 4 Life in Tulsa, Oklahoma, today to ask about fluoride treatment options.