Dental Restorations

Dental restorations are a means of restoring a tooth that’s been lost, damaged or otherwise needs some TLC. At Smiles 4 Life, your local Tulsa, Oklahoma, dental experts are proud of their work in natural dental restorations that look just like your real teeth. Options for restorations are based on the type needed, materials and your budget. One of the most common restorations is a filling, which can be metallic or tooth-colored. Fillings can be made from a host of materials and are used to fill in gaps and cracks from trauma or decay.

Another common restoration is crowns, which is a cap that’s put over a tooth that’s been shaped to serve as a foundation. Crowns can restore aesthetics and strengthen your mouth, or serve as a bridge foundation. They’re also common toppers for dental implants, which are a permanent solution for a missing tooth. Crowns are crafted to look like your natural teeth and, with proper care, can last up to 15 years.

Back to Good

Fillings and crowns are relatively quick and easy options, but sometimes restorations call for more extensive solutions. A bridge is a small set of replacement teeth. Bridges are anchored onto the teeth on either side of the gap with special dental cement that secures them permanently. Another option is an implant, which replaces a tooth permanently. A tiny metal post is infused into the jawbone, and over a 12 week period the tissue heals around it. Finally, an abutment (anchor) is attached to the tip of the post and a crown is placed on top.

Implants have quickly trumped dentures in popularity, thanks to their durability and permanent nature. However, some patients do prefer dentures as a removable dental restoration option. A full set of dentures replaces all teeth in the mouth, while partial dentures can be custom made to replace only some teeth. When some natural teeth remain, dentures are held in place with metal clasps — otherwise, a dental adhesive is used.

Choosing the Right Solution

Only your dentist can recommend the best dental restoration option for you — many factors must be taken into consideration. However, no matter which restoration option you select, rest assured that your replacement teeth will appear natural and dramatically improve the looks and function of your mouth. Dental restorations aren’t just for aesthetics. They help you chew better, speak better and they hold the shape of your face better.

Don’t spend any more time being embarrassed about missing, misshapen or permanently stained teeth. Dental restorations can give you flawless replacement teeth, sometimes in just one short appointment. Discover what dental restoration can do for your teeth and your life. Call Smiles 4 Life today to schedule a dental restoration consultation with a Tulsa expert.